Jason Kelce Pulls Off Impressive Feat With Last-Minute Anniversary Gift for ‘Princess Kyana’


jason kelce pulls off impressive feat with last minute anniversary gift for princess kyana

Jason Kelce has pulled off the seemingly impossible, much to his brother Travis‘ surprise. 

The Eagles legend showed off the sweet gift he procured for wife Kylie in celebration of their sixth wedding anniversary, customizing a sword in honor of the year’s classification as the “iron anniversary” in a matter of days.  

ICYMI: at the end of last week’s episode, Jason assigned his assistant the task of tracking down somewhere he could obtain a custom engraved sword as either an on-time Mother’s Day gift or a very delayed anniversary gift for his wife, whom he married on April 14, 2018.

Naturally, fans were eager to know if the search was successful, with one submitting the query as a part of this week’s “No Dumb Questions” segment, and the former center was thrilled to announce that it had all worked out, suggesting that Kylie “loves” the unique present. 

“Does she?” Travis prodded, with Jason affirming, “I’m pretty sure; I think she does.” 

“Nice!” his brother continued, sounding much more sincere. “Great job, dude.”

Skip to 19:32 to see Kylie’s new sword. 

He came back to the computer mimicking an angelic tune to present the final product to Travis, who sounded just as stunned as we are that Jason—with the help of assistant Emily—was able to pull the whole thing off, and so quickly. “What?!” he replied as Jason unsheathed it. “Oh my god, that’s a nice…sword,” the tight end complimented. 

But Jason put his foot in his mouth, telling his brother, “It’s really not; I’ve seen better, and it’s not that sharp,” before clarifying, “But it’s for show!”

He went on to explain that the sword serves as “a symbol” of their relationship as the two bantered about its possible uses, with Jason proving its dull edges by swiping it over his arm hair. “It’s pretty pointy, though.”

“Take out that chair,” Travis egged him on, but Jason was scared to break it, telling his brother it wasn’t “made to KEAL,” or keep everyone alive, as Forged in Fire’s Doug Marcaida classifies weapons that pass as made safely and securely.

The final touch on the symbol was an engraving reading, “Happy anniversary, Princess Kyana,” a playful nickname for Kylie that the brothers’ fans have also lovingly latched onto.

Travis burst into joyful laughter, clapping his hands enthusiastically as he applauded his brother for a job “well done.”  

No word yet from the people’s princess of Philadelphia on whether or not this absolves Jason of his “bad gift-planner and giver” status, but we have a feeling that the thought here definitely counts. 

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