How Heckyl Actually Became a Dark Ranger (Off-Screen)


  • Heckyl’s origin story and transformation into the Dark Ranger is explained in the Power Rangers comics, specifically in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #29 and #30.
  • In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #35, Heckyl steals his mentor’s Morpher and becomes the Dark Ranger by repurposing the Dark Energem that once possessed him.
  • The comics provide a redemption arc for Heckyl, allowing him to make peace with his past as Snide and become a hero by using the very thing that corrupted him. This storyline expands on the conclusion of the Dino Charge season.


Audiences wondering how Heckyl gained his Dark Ranger powers prior to Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, look no further than the comics. Before the latest and potentially the final season of Power Rangers as we know it, Heckyl was originally introduced in 2015’s Power Rangers Dino Charge as an antagonist who eventually reforms by the time it ends. He returns in Cosmic Fury, but this time as the Dark Ranger, with no explanation or hint about how he got his powers.

The answer to how Heckyl becomes a Ranger becomes much clearer for those who follow the BOOM! Studios Power Rangers comic franchise. Heckyl’s Dark Ranger form first makes an appearance in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #29 and #30 as a background Easter egg at the conclusion of the Shattered Grid arc.

Dino Charge's Dark Ranger Heckyl in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury episode 7

He formally joins the cast for the proceeding Beyond the Grid arc and is first seen morphing in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #31.

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How Heckyl Gets His Morpher

Power Rangers Dark Ranger

Like his Dark Ranger appearance in Cosmic Fury, Heckyl’s morph in this issue is treated as if it isn’t his first time morphing, but it doesn’t elaborate on how he got his Morpher. That wouldn’t come until Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #35 by Marguerite Bennett, French Carlomagno, Francesco Mortarino, Eleonora Bruni, Walter Baiamonte, Francesco Segala, and Ed Dukeshire. The issue is dedicated entirely to Heckyl for a flashback that shows him returning to his home planet, Sentai 6. Dedicated to protecting his planet from a returning Lord Arcanon, Heckyl steals his mentor Zenowing’s Morpher, crafting a copy of his own. By re-purposing the Dark Energem that possessed him to do evil, Heckyl becomes the Dark Ranger to do good.

Becoming the Dark Ranger Brings His Redemption Arc Full Circle

Heckyl becomes the Dark Ranger for the first time - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Dino Charge

It is worth noting that while the comics help explain what Heckyl was doing prior to coming to the prime dimension in time for Cosmic Fury, it does not necessarily confirm that these events are canon to the TV series. It’s safe to assume that this is canon until proven otherwise (which isn’t likely, especially if the current canon of the TV franchise has truly ended), but the bigger thing worth noting is that the origin story for the Dark Ranger brings Heckyl’s redemption arc full circle.

While Dino Charge does offer a fitting conclusion to the arc when Zenowing dubs him the Keeper of the Dark Energem, the origin story for his Ranger powers goes a step further. He’s able to finally make peace with his past as Snide and rid himself of it forever by using the very thing that corrupted him as a means to become a hero. By the same sword, it also ties up any loose ends revolving Snide by having Zenowing sacrifice himself to rid Heckyl free completely of the Dark Energem’s evil corruption. In addition to explaining how Heckyl receives the Dark Ranger powers he shows off in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, it offers a space for a redemption story that neither season of Rangers had time to showcase.

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