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Donna Kelce Gives Rare Insight on Divorce From Travis and Jason's Dad Ed

today season 72 3


today season 72 3

Donna Kelce is looking back on her divorce from ex-husband Ed Kelce, whom she was married to for nearly 25 years while they raised their two sons, Jason and Travis Kelce

In a new episode of Martha Stewart‘s podcast, Donna, 71, opened up about her and Ed’s decision to wait until the boys were out of college to officially go their separate ways to give their sons the best possible upbringing together. 

“It was after the kids were out of college,” the mom of two told Stewart, 82, in a Wednesday, May 8 podcast episode. Jason, 36, and Travis, 34, played football at the University of Cincinnati before eventually moving on to the NFL. 

“We worked together as a team,” she said of her former husband, noting that it’s “very, very difficult to raise children on your own.” 

“And with as active as they were, how do you do that on your own?” she added. 

Donna and Ed raised their sons in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, where they undoubtedly had grueling sports schedules, wanting to be pro athletes and all. That dream came true for both Jason and Travis, who became Super Bowl champs on the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs, respectively. 

“So we decided that we would be married throughout the entire time that the kids were in the house, and that’s the way it worked out,” Donna told Stewart, who called their decision “so smart” while noting that Travis and Jason were “lucky” to have their parents stay together until they moved out. 

Now, Donna and Ed appear to have maintained an amicable relationship for their kids, as they recently watched Travis take home his third Super Bowl title together in February and sat next to one another for Jason’s emotional press conference announcing his retirement in March. 

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