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Dolly Parton Excites Fans With New 'Southern Sweets' Doughnut Collection

dolly partons southern sweets doughnut menu krispy kreme may 2024 release ftr


dolly partons southern sweets doughnut menu krispy kreme may 2024 release ftr

Dolly Parton is taking her baking mitts to the ovens at Krispy Kreme

The country legend cooked up an entirely new collection of doughnuts, and we for one, can’t wait to try them.

We have it on good word that the “9 to 5” songstress mixed up four doughnut flavors and an ice-cold drink to wash them all down with as part of her new “Southern Sweets” collection with Krispy Kreme. (Side note: if sweets for breakfast aren’t your thing, try out Parton’s super fluffy scrambled egg recipe, which includes a secret ingredient that won’t cost you anything but still levels up the end result.)

According to a promotional image a Krispy Kreme employee shared with food influencer Markie_Devo, who has grown an impressive Instagram following by regularly posting previews of new fast food menus and snack items, the collection includes three pie-inspired flavors–Chocolate Crème Pie, Banana Puddin’ Pie (filled), Peachy Keen Cobbler (filled)–and one sparkly iced doughnut seemingly designed by the 78-year-old herself called the Dolly Dazzler.  

Along with the treats, Parton’s partnership with the doughnut house also includes the Peachy Keen Lemonade chiller, a peach-lemonade slush that looks like it will cool you down on even the hottest days. 

Fans of both the award-winning singer-songwriter and Krispy Kreme are convinced “Next week [is] gonna be lit,” as the new collection will reportedly be released on Tuesday, May 14.

“Excited to try the peachy keen and banana creme pie donuts 🙌 👏 lets go Dolly!” one Instagram user gushed. 

“Ong OmG OMG😱 I will NOT be missing out on these!” a second exclaimed.

“Would pay a pretty price for that banana pudding donut!” someone else declared. “Sadly CT doesn’t have any KK’s 😢.” 

“Krispy Kreme not giving anyone a break 😂,” another joked–and they wouldn’t be wrong, as it wasn’t all too long ago that the brand teamed up with Oreo for a special eclipse release and went viral for its limited-edition spring-themed menu.

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