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Online Language Learning Research Network


Collaboration in Online Learning

Elen Le FollElen Le Foll is a Research Associate and English Education Lecturer at Osnabrück University. With over ten years’ experience as a French and English teacher in adult education, she has now been teaching on the university’s teacher training programme since 2016. She is currently completing her PhD on the language of school EFL textbooks. Her primary research interests are applications of corpus linguistics in language education, materials development and evaluation, and learners’ use of online resources. She also works as a freelance Conference Interpreter with English, French and German as her working languages.


Gamification in Teaching and Learning

Jane SeelyJane Seely is a Teaching Assistant in Linguistics and TESOL at the University of Limerick, Ireland. She has been working in English Language Teaching since 2010 as a teacher, manager and researcher and has just completed a PhD in Applied Linguistic on the subject of Teacher Classroom Discourse. Her primary research interests are in teacher management of learner errors, and teacher approaches to positive feedback.




Educational Technology: Assessing Its Fitness For Purpose

Scott ThornburyScott Thornbury has taught and trained in Egypt, UK, Spain, and in his native New Zealand. His writing credits include several award-winning books for teachers on language and methodology, including How to Teach Vocabulary and How to Teach Grammar (Pearson). The second editions of both About Language (Cambridge) and  An A-Z of ELT (Macmillan) were published last year. His latest book isScott Thornbury’s 30 Language Teaching Methods (Cambridge). He is also the series editor for the Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers. His website is




Hot Topics in OLL Research

Anthony Schmidt is an English language instructor at the University of Tennessee's English Language Institute (ELI). Before coming to the ELI, he taught in Korea and Japan. He holds a master’s degree in language education/TESOL from Indiana University. He has interests in language acquisition, evidence-based language pedagogy, and technology. He writes about these topics and more at and


IPronounce: Understanding Pronunciation Apps

DJ KaiserDJ Kaiser, PhD is an Associate Professor and the Coordinator of Teaching English as a Second Language at Webster University in St. Louis. Missouri.  He has been teaching English and preparing English teachers for twenty years with positions at the University of Illinois, the University of Barcelona, and Washington University in St. Louis and has had research grants in Brazil and Uruguay, including a Fulbright U.S. Scholars Grant.  His specialty area is English pronunciation training with a focus on practical classroom strategies.  Dr. Kaiser has delivered presentations, workshops, and professional development throughout the USA and in China, the United Arab Emirates, Greece, Holland, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay.