After 83 Years, Robin Just Closed DC’s Oldest Plot Hole


  • Batman’s money and status as Bruce Wayne played a crucial role in him being able to take in Dick Grayson as his ward, with little to no questions asked.
  • The Waynes’ prominence in Gotham and Bruce’s funding of social programs gave him a certain level of leeway when it came to adopting a Robin.
  • Batman is aware of his privilege and knows how to use his wealth and status to his advantage, including bending rules that others have to follow.


Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #20!One of the most perplexing things about Robin’s origin has finally been justified. An old ally of Superman has returned, but it brings up a notable problem about Batman taking in Dick Grayson as his ward. The Dark Knight reveals just how he was able to take on the Boy Wonder with pretty much no questions asked.

Since nearly the beginning of his crime-fighting crusade, Batman has almost always had a Robin by his side. Dick Grayson, the original Boy Wonder, came into Bruce Wayne’s life after a terrible tragedy at Haly’s Circus that killed Dick’s parents. Dick became Bruce’s ward, and later, the first of many Robins.

Dick Grayson as Robin from DC Comics

While fans have accepted that development for the sake of the story, in-universe, no one’s ever batted an eye at how or why Bruce Wayne gained custody of Dick with little to no questions asked. It worked out in his favor, as Bruce and Dick were able to operate as Batman and Robin with no oversight.

Batman’s Money and Status Helped Bruce Get Custody of Robin

How Batman Got Custody of Robin DC

In Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #20 by Mark Waid and Dan Mora, Clark has finally found where his fomer sidekick Boy Thunder wound up in the multiverse: Earth-22, home of Kingdom Come. Superman travels with Batman to the world and the two begin their search at the restaurant Planet Krypton. Bruce asks if Clark is prepared to let David back into his life and what his long-term plans are. Batman reminds his friend that the only reason Bruce was able to take Dick Grayson as a ward was thanks to the Wayne name and money. Someone like Clark would be much more scrutinized by Child Protective Services.

Fans often joke about Batman’s true superpower being his money, and here it’s actually kind of true. The Waynes are the most prominent family in Gotham and Bruce has been using his money to fund social programs for years. It makes total sense that he’d be given a certain level of leeway when it came to taking in a ward. Bruce even admits that it wasn’t easy, exactly, and that his resources could only do so much. However, as Bruce Wayne, he’d obviously have a much better chance of adopting a Robin or two compared to a relative nobody like Clark Kent.

Batman Knows How to Use His Status to His Advantage


Batman knows better than anyone that he’s quite privileged and he can get away with bending rules others have to follow. But he knew that Dick was much better off with him than going into the system. Truth be told, Batman’s wealth and status helping him game the system is too perfect an explanation not to use when justifying how someone like Bruce managed to gain custody of Dick. For better or worse, it wraps up a plot hole from the Batman canon and neatly explains Robin’s role in the lore. Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #20 is on sale now.

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