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OLLReN Update

Thank you for your interest in the Online Language Learning Research Network. We are currently reviewing OLLReN’s web presence, and this site is no longer being updated.  We will post information on the new site as soon as it is available.  If you have any enquiries about OLLReN and related work, please email us on

About Us

Laureate International Universities and Cambridge University Press have set up a virtual research institute to support research around the world into online language learning (OLL). 

The Laureate-Cambridge Online Language Learning Research Network – OLLReN – combines the expertise and experience of both organizations.  Cambridge and Laureate have developed hugely successful cutting-edge online and blended programs for English language.  From their experience, they have identified the need for increased research into this area of education.  There are exciting pockets of research around the world, and OLLReN aims to help bring that research together.

OLLReN aims to support research into areas such as:

  • How mobile devices can be used for language learning
  • Evolving pedagogies for synchronous online language teaching
  • Effective learner and teacher behaviours when studying online
  • How the design of online learning platforms affects teachers’ interventions
  • How to make best use of technological features in learning task design
  • Motivating learners in online environments
  • Impact of online learning on areas of proficiency gain
  • Effective approaches to learning analytics for OLL