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8 Ways Big Brother’s Blue Kim Has Shown Her True Colors (She’s A Bully)

8 ways big brother s blue kim has shown her true colors she s a bully


  • Blue Kim has shown problematic behavior on Big Brother 25, freely trashing her fellow houseguests and toeing the line of bullying.
  • Blue has used antisemitic language to describe Cory Wurtenberger and has not faced consequences for her behavior.
  • Despite claiming to champion women, Blue has consistently torn down other female houseguests while hiding behind her alliances with men.


Big Brother 25 has had its fair share of challenging houseguests, but Blue Kim has been flying under the radar of most viewers while showing off some problematic behavior. Blue entered the Big Brother house nearly 80 days ago in a quest to win the grand prize of $750,000 along with 16 other houseguests. After her showmance partner Jared Fields, son of Survivor legend Cirie Fields, was called out after his eviction for his use of hate speech in the house, some believed that the remaining BB 25 houseguests would all be better in their behavior. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for Blue, who’s been freely trashing her fellow houseguests.

Though Blue has been part of some of the major alliances throughout the season but has been betrayed by several different players in the house. She’s had difficulty keeping secrets in the Big Brother house, making it clear that she shouldn’t be trusted. While Big Brother 25’s Blue’s allies have thrown her under the bus before, she’s been having a difficult time keeping anyone’s secrets safe whilst in the BB house. With a lack of trust built around her, Blue has been actively bashing her fellow houseguests personally, toeing the line of bullying.

Blue Has Used Antisemitic Language Against Cory Wurtenberger

Throughout her time in the BB house, Blue has been one of Cory Wurtenberger’s main adversaries. Though they were in the same alliance to begin the game, things broke up quickly and Blue began a showmance with Jared. Cory and Jared were until the latter started to target Cory’s showmance America Lopez. Cory eventually evicted Jared during the season’s first double eviction, leaving Blue out for vengeance. While Blue’s annoyance was warranted, the way she’s gone about talking about Cory this season hasn’t. She’s used more than one antisemitic term to describe the Jewish houseguest and has yet to be called out for her behavior or use of the terms.

Blue’s Attitude Towards Women On Big Brother Isn’t Empowering

While Blue has been talking about forming a women’s alliance throughout Big Brother 25, her attitude toward women in the house has never truly been empowering. Blue’s aligned herself with many of the guys in the house but often tries to pit the women against one another in hopes of keeping herself safe. Quick to call someone out for not being a “girls’ girl”, Blue has yet to prove that she is interested in advocating for women, often talking badly about the other houseguests’ physical appearance and personalities when it benefits her strategically.

Blue Has Been Shameful About Bowie Jane’s Physical Appearance

Earlier on during Big Brother 25, Blue was feeling out of the loop with several of her allies and found herself talking about houseguests she was wary of with Jared. When she was discussing fellow BB 25 houseguest Bowie Jane, Blue made some difficult remarks about Bowie’s physical appearance. After calling Bowie out for her looks, she explained that she felt Bowie had broad shoulders, enough so that she looked masculine. After mocking her for her appearance for some time, Blue buddied up to Bowie just days later, trying to gain her trust.

Blue Has Used Hateful Language Towards Other Houseguests On Big Brother

While it is primarily only seen on the live feeds, Blue has openly used hateful language about the other Big Brother 25 houseguests, especially when she’s feeling insecure about her position in the game, Manipulation is part of Big Brother, but there are times that Blue’s choice to speak out about her fellow houseguests in a way that’s personally harsh and has nothing to do with their game. She’s spoken out about physical attributes, personality traits, and generally criticizing her cast mates for playing the game. Notably, Blue has called several of the women out for anti-feminist behavior when she has yet to display much feminism of her own.

Blue Has Felt Comfortable Adopting AAVE After Her Showmance With Jared Fields

Blue is a Korean American, and though she’s been exploring a showmance with a man of color, Jared, she’s taken things to a different level after he was evicted. Blue has felt comfortable throughout the season adopting AAVE in her everyday speech, even adopting an accent in her speech patterns that is off-putting for some Big Brother live feed viewers. By adopting AAVE, Blue has made it clear that she feels comfortable appropriating black culture, which is disrespectful in nature. Blue’s comfort using AAVE and appropriating a culture that isn’t her own became more prevalent after her showmance with Jared began, and has continued throughout the BB 25 season.

Blue Pretends To Champion Women While Hiding Behind Men

Although Blue’s true allegiances have been with men all season, she has pushed for a women’s alliance throughout the majority of Big Brother 25. Despite wanting to work with the rest of the women, she’s taken every opportunity to tear other women down as she’s moved through the game. Blue has shielded herself with athletic male players, using guys like Jared, Jag Bains, and Matt Klotz in order to keep herself safe. She often calls other women out for trying to use men as shields, using harsh language and ignoring the fact that she herself is making the same moves.

Blue Has Targeted The Other Showmance In The House Out Of Jealousy

While Blue and Jared’s relationship is something both have confirmed they want to continue outside of the Big Brother house, it’s unclear if they’ll continue to date after the show. Despite their potential relationship, Blue has decided to place her anger about his eviction on the other showmance of BB 25. Blue’s spent weeks targeting America and Cory, jealous that they’ve continued their relationship in the BB house after Jared’s eviction. Even though Blue’s allies, Matt and Jag, have pushed working with Cory and America, she’s let her personal vendetta blind her to the potentially advantageous move.

Blue Has Used Vitriol As Part Of Her Strategy On Big Brother 25

Although she’s outlasted many of the players in the Big Brother 25 house, Blue has done so by using vitriolic tactics. From tearing down other houseguests physical appearance to making it abundantly clear that she believes she’s better than the other women in the house, Blue hasn’t shied away from using criticism to help move herself forward in the game. The hateful, vitriolic speech she’s chosen to utilize in her game has made her a Big Brother bully throughout the season.

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