6 Suits Spinoffs Ideas We Would Love To See Happen


  • A
    spinoff set on the West Coast could bring the drama of competitive law firms and wealthy clients to Hollywood and Silicon Valley. It could capture the exciting and engaging elements of
    in a new setting.
  • A prequel series set at Harvard Law would explore the journey of law students and professors, showcasing their development and relationships as they strive to join prestigious law firms. It could also delve into the seductive allure of wealth in morally dubious cases.
  • A focus on the bullpen, the area where young associates work together, could provide a gripping spinoff that uncovers dark secrets and rivalry among ambitious lawyers-in-training.


Suits left many stories untold after its ending, and these could be the perfect focus for a spinoff. Suits ran from 2011 to 2019 and was largely a success. However, the height of its popularity came years after the series wrapped. Netflix added Suits to its library in 2023, and the show quickly grew in popularity, breaking viewership records as new audiences binged it for the first time (via The Independent).

Given the show’s newfound popularity, it would make sense to develop more series set in the world of Suits. There was an attempt to make a spinoff shortly after the main series ended, with 2019’s Pearson focusing on one of the most impressive lawyers from the original show: Gina Torres’ Jessica Pearson. Unfortunately, Pearson was canceled after season 1, and it appeared plans to extend the Suits universe were laid to rest. However, with Suits’ success on Netflix, there are rumors that more spinoffs could emerge. These could take many forms, and some are more likely to be successful than others.
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6 L.A. Based Law Firm

Harvey and another lawyer in Suits

Following CSI’s lead, creating a spinoff of Suits that is based on the opposite side of the country could be a great move. Suits is a series set in New York, with competitive law firms seeking to win the favor of local businesses and wealthy clients in order to take home the biggest paycheck. The series looks closely at underhanded operations, shady back-alley deals, and lawyers with loose morals to deliver something exciting and engaging. This same premise could easily be reworked in a slightly different setting, tackling issues more connected to the West Coast.
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With Hollywood and Silicon Valley right there, the lawyers in a West Coast spinoff of Suits would have ample opportunity to represent some of the most rich and famous clients. A series with the same type of drama based on disputes between law firms and tense competition could fit right into the Sunshine State setting. This type of spinoff seems the easiest to pull off, as it wouldn’t rely on old characters or the history of previous Suits seasons, but it could still deliver something with a similar feel to the original show.

5 Harvard Law

suits sheila sazs Rachael Harris

It’s well established that the original law firm from Suits — which underwent several name changes until it was finally Litt Wheeler Williams Bennett — only recruits new talent from Harvard School of Law. A series set at Harvard could be a prequel featuring Sheila Sazs (Rachael Harris) or a contemporary series focusing on the education of pre-law students and unearthing their journey to becoming prominent figures at the firms they move on to.

It would be interesting to follow the lives of law students or professors and see how they hone their craft, as well as how their relationships evolve from friends to competitors as they go after roles at high-powered, wealthy law firms. A Suits spinoff set at law school could also show how some students get swept up in the intoxicating addiction of wealth from high-paying, morally dubious cases.

4 The Bullpen

harold and mike suits

A Suits spinoff focused on the bullpen at a law firm could be a sequel to the Harvard Law concept or an independent idea. In the original show, Harvey and Louis refer to the cramped area where associates work together as the bullpen. These lawyers-in-training need to earn their way into an office or a higher floor at the firm, where they can tackle cases of their own and start to make good money. Associates handle many of the day-to-day, laborious tasks that more senior lawyers offload onto them.

A series focused on this area of the law firm could be dripping with drama as hungry young associates attempt to gain an advantage over one another and progress. Such a Suits spinoff could follow curious young employees finding dark secrets in the course of their work as they handle sensitive documents and do intensive research. It could also highlight promising new characters, potentially leading to even more Suits spinoffs. Altogether, a series focused on this earlier step in the career of lawyers could make for a gripping show.

3 Harvey Specter Prequel Series

Dana Scott and Harvey Specter in Suits

Harvey Specter leads a colorful life before joining Pearson Hardman. As a young lawyer in the New York District Attorney’s office, Specter builds an impressive track record for prosecuting defendants. However, he soon discovers the dishonest dealings of his boy, District Attorney Cameron Dennis. A Suits spinoff following Harvey’s early life and career could cast a younger actor in the role and develop the background of the razor-sharp and incredibly clever character. Harvey also meets Donna while working for Dennis, and he meets Jessica Pearson before Suits as well. Therefore, a spinoff like this could paint many Suits characters in a new light.

2 Rand, Kaldor & Zane

Meghan Markle and Wendell Pierce playing Rachel and Robert Zane on Suits

While Suits focuses on the daily occurrences and employees at Pearson Hardman, a spinoff telling the story of its biggest rival could be entertaining. Rand, Kaldor & Zane is another top-tier law firm operating out of New York, and it often goes head-to-head with Pearson Hardman. A series that either outlines how the firm came to be so big and successful or one that focuses on the other side of the cases that appeared in Suits would be a great premise to expand the world of the original show.

1 Paulsen and Specter

Harvey with his arm around Donna in Suits

At the conclusion of Suits season 9, Harvey Specter and Donna Paulsen finally get engaged, then immediately get married alongside Louis Litt and Sheila. A follow-up series that details their future together could make for a wonderful spinoff that keeps the story going in the new setting of Seattle. It could focus on Donna and Harvey’s relationship as a married couple, showing how they change their lives and careers in order to settle into their new life outside the Big Apple.

It is highly unlikely that Suit’s Meghan Markle could return to a full-time role as a regular cast member, but there’s a possibility she could appear in a guest role or cameo. The world of Suits has lots of potential for new stories, and it remains to be seen how the creatives involved will take the shared universe forward. But finally seeing the reality of the relationship that was built up for Donna and Harvey would be incredibly satisfying and a great way to get some of the core cast back in the limelight.

Source: The Independent

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